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Lincoln wheat pennies were produced at three different mints: Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D) and San Francisco (S).

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Answer Wheat cents were struck in copper or bronze and weigh 3.11 gm each.A higher dollar limited those gains with some follow through from buying on Thursday.The coins featured the portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the obverse and a pair of wheat ears on the reverse, as designed by Victor D. Brenner.

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It often is the first set put together by novice collectors, and many experienced collectors love this set as well.The Wheat Penny was circulated from 1909 to 1958 and featured an image of Abraham Lincoln on the front and two shafts of wheat on the back.Even though the 1958 Wheat Penny was the last cent produced featuring the wheat stalk reverse, the large amount minted has made it only worth face value in any grade under Extra Fine condition.

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Even a small magnet will easily stick to any 1943 penny made of steel.

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These pennies were produced in the United Stated during the years of 1909-1958.

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The 1909 S VDB is one of the most popular rare coins from the modern era.

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To answer this question you need to know two things: the overall condition of your coin and the price list for your exact penny condition and date.

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Over 35lbs (At least 5000, up for sale one bag of pennies mix years, mix condition.The iconic penny is a small piece of American history that is quite popular with coin collectors.

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You can also use the Lincoln Wheat Penny value and price guide to determine current market trends of these coins.Who says whole wheat bread has to be dense, dry, and tasteless.

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For collectors, older versions of the Lincoln penny are highly sought after, and the 1948 Lincoln is one of those coins.Lincoln cent was first issued in 1909 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.