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I notice that several people with CMT use trekking poles to help with walking and balance.Travel with a Challenge web magazine features richly illustrated articles and travel news on family vacations, cultures and destinations, cruise and train travel, nature and wildlife holidays, and volunteer vacations suitable for senior travelers.The equipment ranges from simple to complex, comprising T-stools, balance boards, agility ladders, bounce paths, obstacle sets and more to fulfill the unique therapy requirements of each individual child.Trekking poles are used by hikers, backpackers and snowshoers to provide stability and balance on all types of terrain.Trekking poles can help increase your speed on the trail as you push with your arms.

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The seemingly simple looking activity of walking with Nordic poles is bringing a lot of hope and cheer to people who had compromised with a life of pain and inactivity.

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Consider the type of walking you’ll do, your height and weight and your budget when selecting your poles.Second, you work your upper body to burn more calories per mile while actually feeling like you are exerting yourself less.Trekking poles can help push aside brush or other obstacles as you hike.

So, after thinking about it for a while, I figured trekking poles might provide balance and stability in those situations.

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The Activator poles, from Urban Poling Inc., are revolutionizing mobility and rehabilitation for individuals with chronic conditions and those recovering from injuries as well as older adults who require more stability and balance when walking.Fitness walking poles, nordic walking poles, and exerstriding poles can be useful in two ways.One of the health benefits of Nordic Walking for people with osteoporosis is that Nordic Walking poles provide extra support and point of contact with the ground for these clients.

The fun thing about TheFitLife Nordic Walking Mountaineering Anti Shock Hiking Trekking Walking Trail Poles is the fact that it looks and feels great.Even though my first walking poles were a relatively cheap telescoping pair, I would recommend caution when purchasing one of these for balance.Many poles come with straps which can be essential if you are using poles for winter trekking to prevent post-holing.

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Ideal For Fitness, Hiking, Trekking, Physical Therapy. Free DVD. Safer, Lighter, More Durable Than Flimsy Collapsible Poles From China.

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Walking with trekking poles helps you keep your balance, especially helpful on uneven, rough ground.Walking poles take some of the load off your lower back, hips and knees, which may be helpful if you have arthritis or back problems.

Several years ago a physical therapist suggested I try using two canes in lieu of using a walker.


Poles can bring us back to body-awareness and remind us to stay focused.

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Trekking poles (also known as hiking poles, hiking sticks or walking poles) are a common hiking accessory used to assist walkers with their rhythm and provide stability on rough terrain.